What is Asian Handicap? Why Does This Odds Attract Players?

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Asian Handicap is an essential bet for football. This bet also often appears at major tournaments. This is also a bet that many people choose to play. Let’s learn about this bet with 188 JILI.

What is an Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap, also known as Handicap handicap, is a familiar form of play at bookmakers. This bet has very diverse betting odds and is used in many different matches. This type of bet is considered relatively interesting, and many people choose to bet whenever the need arises.

The odds represent the difference in scores and factors when the two teams take the field. Depending on the match taking place, the house will have different odds from time to time for you to choose to play. When betting, you must comply with the basic regulations to fully calculate your bonus.

For example

In the match between two teams, Newcastle and Watford, the handicap the bookmaker offers is 0.5. Which Newcastle will be rated stronger with a ratio of -0.86 and is correspondingly the favorite team. The remaining Watford is the underdog team and is rated lower. Thus, there will be two cases for this type of bet as follows:

If the Newcastle team wins against the Watford team by a score of 1 goal or more. Then, if you bet on your favorite team, you will receive a winning bonus of 100 * 0.86 = 86 dollars. On the contrary, if you bet on the underdog team, you will lose all your initial money.

If the upper team Newcastle draws or loses by 1 goal to the lower team Watford. If you bet on the upper team, you will lose all your initial $100. Conversely, when you bet on the underdog, the amount you receive will be: $100 x 0.5 = $50.

Why is Asian handicap highly appreciated?

Chance to win big

The first advantage that cannot be ignored is that this form of play offers players a high chance of winning. Compared to other bets, such as European or Over/Under, the winning rate you will receive will be many times greater.

Many people also think that when you first start participating in this bet, your chances are already at 50%. Therefore, if you analyze carefully, you can quickly conquer this bet.

Asian handicap is attractive to many people.

There is no denying this bet’s appeal to members when they experience it. If you are approaching it for the first time, many people often think this bet is quite difficult to understand and a bit complicated. However, after learning, you will easily grasp all the game’s simple rules. Participants will certainly not be able to deny the appeal of this form of play.

Especially for professional players, Asian handicap is always considered an ideal choice at many major football tournaments. To win, you need to have experience when placing bets. Besides, you also have to understand the game’s rules in detail and know how to analyze each parameter carefully. Then your chances of winning will no longer be too tricky.

High flexibility

Compared to other betting odds today, Asian odds are much more flexible. When playing this bet, you will not be limited in your choices, but there are many bets for you to play. Besides, you only need to master factors such as how to calculate money, concepts, and meanings to be able to place bets.

In addition, with this form of play, you can place bets and participate in the game anytime. You will not be limited in time like some other types. This bet also allows players to use it with several different types. This has brought maximum flexibility to bettors when betting on soccer. This form of play is very suitable for those who do not have much free time during the day.

Above is the information about Asian handicaps that we want to send to readers. Quickly register an account at the house to start experiencing classic matches!

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